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COURTS    OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,    ETC.                30!

king of St. Croix was of a length to form an epoch
in history; for I stood, with all the keys of the
fortress, magazines, and treasure, &c., in my
hands, on the great staircase; and as the Danes
had no artillery, the business of my receiving the
royal salute was so long, that King Stephano or
Trinculo might have done many acts of royalty.

When General Waltershoff arrived by land
from the other end of the island where he landed,
he proceeded to the fort, where he received the
principal people. Numbers of free negroes shook
hands with him. We then marched in state to
dinner, surrounded by hundreds of negro wenches
singing and dancing. The effluvium was not very
agreeable. One of these ladies—they all carried
little red flags with a white cross—found it con-
venient to lean upon my shoulder, and stick her
flag-staff into my collar. Danish colours were
hung out in all parts of the town, which had a
pretty effect.

I had always heard there was no twilight in
the tropics, but it is not the fact. The moonlight
is delightful.               _______

St. Thomas, February igth.
Upon the  night we left St. Croix, we drove
about   fifteen   miles   through  a  fine  road,  amidst